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Hoy en día desde muy pequeños ya se les comienza a introducir el inglés. Es una asignatura que ha cobrado importancia en los últimos años, por ello debemos trabajarla correctamente e ir ayundandoles a crear una base.
Se pueden trabajar diferentes temas, aqui un ejemplo de unidad de didáctica que trabaja como contenido las estaciones del año:
Antes de los objetivos debemos realizar una justificación, de porque hemos elegido este tema y no otro.


-To identify objects and action of their environment.
-To learn seasons' vocabulary.
-To know the habits for each season
-To identify the sequence: winter- spring- summer- autumm
-To have fun
-To participate in all activities


-The winter: snowmen, christmas tree, presents, snowflake.
The spring is already here: flowers, butterflies.
- Right after the Summer comes: ice- creams, sun, beach.
- And finally the autumm : umbrella, fallen of the leaves of the trees.
- The weather: hot-cold, rainy, cloudy, foggy, windy
- Paints the pictures: blue. pink, green, yellow…(The basic colors)
- Dress up: scarf, swimming costume, long or short trousers, hat, gloves, coat, long sleaves
- ¡Seasons: the activity that I am going to explain


This activity it's suitable for children within 3 or 4 years old. It's the perfect period to start to know the differences between seasons.

The activity will last one week. During this week eight cards will be done. On Monday we will make an introduction of the topic using songs and games. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the children will do two cards per day, during this three days we'll help them to do the cards. Finally on Friday they will make by themselves a card which I will explain. 


Continuous paper, paintings,scissors, glue, songs, drawings, cardboards, painting finger, gomet, cards...

Activity's development.

-Observation guidelines: Has the pupol recognized the images and vocabulary seen in the previous cards?
Previous activities: To carry out this activity the pupils would have done six cards, in order to make them remember the vocabulary and images. Once this card will be done, they'll be ready for doing the last card. As well, they'll need the help of their parents in order to collect pictures in magazines, newspapers...related to all the seasons.
Below We can show them the flash card with different images: Crhistmas tree,a flower, the beach...and also the pupils will review the vocabulary. Who knows the Seasons? Do we sing the song?

Card: the card I has chosen is called the Seasons, in this card appear significant images of each seasons,for example: some children playing on the beach, snowy scenery,t he flowers in spring and the leaves falling from trees in autumm.The pupils should join by means of line the seasons´names with the corresponding image.Finally,the pupils will paint the pictures as they want.

Complementary activities: The pupils will have "homework" for weekend;they will have to paint a picture they know. On Monday, We will decorate the classroom with their pictures.
This activity will do for the children can tell their parents what they done in class during the week..


-To know the different habits of each Season
-To identify objects and action of their environment
-To know the vocabulary
-To have fun

Contents: the Seasons:Winter,Spring,Summer and Autumm

Vocabulary: Winter,Spring,Summer,Autumm,snowman,flower,beach,sea,leaves,tree,to fall (tree´s leaves),to start,to finish,rain,Christmas tree,ice-cream,rubber boots,swimming costume,scarve,gloves,butterfly,presents,snowflake...

Evaluation (Items)
-  be autonomous and he asks for help when he needs it-
- participate in the game and activities
- collaborate in the order and care of materials.
know the different seasons
- show interest in the explanations
identify significant images
 stand a behaviour right in the activities
- listen respecting the turn of word
-  understands oral simple messages
 - participate in the songs
-  applies correctly the different concepts

-The songs of the seasons:
In spring, the flowers come
in summer, we bath
in autumm, The leaves are fallen
And in winter we take boots.
oh, how cold ! oh, It is hot!
Let the sun come soon

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